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November 29th, 2020: LivvieLearningLove Is Back!

Posted on Nov 29, 2020 by in Livvie Learning Love | 0 comments

For quite a while, I was dormant on social media for various reasons but I just revitalized a previous mission that brings me back.

In January 2017, the concept and name of Livvie Learning Love was born, rooted around this mission statement:

To build awareness in Livvie that we are all God’s creation designed to selflessly love each other with compassion in our hearts towards those in need.

Initially driven by personal donations and donations/volunteering/events where Livvie would come along, with the transitional goal for Livvie to one day say, “how can we help [latest interest here] today?”

Im August 2018, LivvieLearningLove picked up a double meaning….After an initial delay in Livvie’s development inside the special needs community, Livvie needed to learn how to express her emotions. I was also looking for a way out of feeling helpless and I came away with a motivation to learn about other community pockets that were dealing with the harsh realities of daily life, and show support.

Our first team event was with InclusionMatters where they build playgrounds to be wheelchair accessible, and while Livvie was not aware of the greater cause at the time, she was a great sign holder for our walk, and I was hooked on this joint mission with her.

It became a communication vehicle for me to share the news about Livvie with those around me while broadening my awareness of others suffering with different battles. I am extremely grateful for the journey this took me on. This lead to turning LivvieLearningLove into a top 10 team for the 2018 Orange County Autism Speaks 5k walk and culminated in completing a half marathon for Autism Speaks in Feb 2019 at Disney World.

Long overdue, and doing internal “what’s my bigger mission right now?” searching during the time of Thanksgiving, I was reminded about LivvieLearningLove and it instantly lit the spark again. This time, Livvie is at an age where she can participate and start to drive the topics.

I am excited that the reason I am back is to share the journey I am going through with Livvie. When asked who should we help next, Livvie said turtles… #ItsWorking…. #MissionAccepted

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