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August 8th, 2020 Downtown Disney “is different”

Posted on Aug 8, 2020 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning I decided to take Livvie to Downtown Disney, the first time since shutdown. It had also been a while since during the fall and winter we had a lot going on. That being said, I am not truly sure how much Livvie remembers from earlier trips to Downtown Disney, but she was right about it being different.

We got there right when they opened and I was surprised how many people were there since I knew the parks were closed. Livvie picked the Disney store first over the LEGO store. However, as we walked past LEGO, they only had a line of about ten people.

I wanted to stop by the outside pin trading booth across from LEGO to see what other masks they had available, however even that we had to wait in line to enter given capacity constraints. That was a fairly short wait, and Livvie and I found masks she liked.

Off to the main Disney store, they had a line outside which I was not surprised to see, however that was the return time line. Yes, we had to get into different line first to sign up for virtual line. While we waited for a return time, Livvie wanted a snack. That passed the time well until we got our text to get in line. It was at this point Livvie was already asking to go home because “this was different”. I know it’s hard to understand why we are doing all these different protocols, but it’s a small price to pay if it helps in the big picture. Needless to say, Livvie was not up for waiting in line for the LEGO store on the way back to the car.

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