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July 2nd, 2020: Shown How It’s Done

Posted on Jul 2, 2020 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

Livvie has two traits that are emerging. in one direction, that means a laziness of (politely) asking me to do something that she doesn’t want to do herself, and the other is a proud independence that she wants to show she can do something all by herself.

This can come in the form of not wanting to throw away her own trash, and showing that she can do something not typical of skills a 4yr old would have. While I am proud of the confidence and independence, I am trying to shake the laziness. I know she is four, but there are certain personality strengths that I think have roots that can develop at an early age.

While getting down from the sink, brushing her teeth, she said I will show you how it’s done… as I was offering to help her done. I still do not want her to hurt herself, so I tend to err on the side of helping in physical situations that might present danger. Otherwise, I find that I catch myself in offering her help too soon when I would like to foster that independence of her at least attempting on her own first, and then learn to ask for help when she needs it after attempting on her own. It’s a delicate dance, but I am hoping to raise a proactive woman who has the confidence and skills to try things on her own, but knows that it’s okay to ask for help it it is outside her skill level.

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