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May 19th, 2020: First Time on Bike

Posted on May 19, 2020 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning I picked up Grace’s old bike from Lisa and showed Livvie when I picked her up from my parents house.

On the way home, Livvie said she had to go to the bathroom, but during this quarantine era that is easier said then done. Livvie was good as she waited as three places did not have a bathroom available and finally a gas station worker felt for us and let her go in the closed bathroom.

After she had dinner, Livvie did at least sit on the bike was was quickly afraid of getting a boo boo and opted to drive her car Max instead.

We only drove around for a little bit as it was later, but we did go around at “faster engine speed” (me pushing her). Since we went around in left turn loops around the street, I figured I would introduce her to what NASCAR was.

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