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March 7th, 2020

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Memory of the day: We had just finished story time and were ready to turn off the bedroom lights. I had asked Livvie to please turn off the lights for me. Now… I was expecting her to get up and walk over to the switch like she normally does. She had surprised me by …. asking Google to turn off the lights… and this would have worked (and I would have just done the same command myself) however since not everything was setup up again from the rebuild, I didn’t have the device that controls the lights plugged in yet.

This morning we overslept and were a little late to the farmers market.

after the farmers market, we came back to the house for the last day of the rebuild front the water damage. We played LEGO at home until we left to go meet Darrel for a Pokemon event. Livvie was more patient this time as I had her feed them berries before the event started.

We came back home while the guys finished the job. Once they had left, we were able to go to Target and Lowe’s. Livvie likes to try and look for the race car shopping carts at Lowe’s.

We were planning to go to South Coast Plaza as well but Livvie said she wanted to go home instead.

I let her play by herself for a little bit while I put things back in the right spots and made diner.

After dinner, Livvie and I were able to have a great LEGO session since we now have a floor again…


Livvie put together a really good story about three girls who were wanting to cross the street but had to wait for people on their bikes to stop.

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