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January 12th, 2020

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This morning we met my family up for breakfast and Livvie was so excited to show off her new Puppy Dog Pals toy she received from the Kessel’s. It was a plush Rolly that came inside a pet carrier with toys/food/water dish,etc.

After breakfast, we went to church and then my parents took her down to see my grandma in San Marcos. Livvie has a great time showing off her toy there too. She was complemented on how talkative she was and sharing about Rolly.

After she came back, we walked over to Lisa’s house as she wanted to skate with Remington. He was already skating around in the garage taking shots on goal. Livvie did pretty well in skating to a puck and pushing it towards the goal. I think she was a little intimidated by how fast he was skating and shooting around her so she was done with skating and wanted to go back home after only a little bit.

We headed over to Lowe’s to pick up some things for our herb garden we are starting and Livvie loved the race car shopping carts they had. She said she won the race when I loaded up the car. We did Whole Foods in the way home and was initially full of energy, wanting to push the cart. She wanted to see the fish and got excited when she saw them, but she was hitting her limit, not cooperating well and then ultimately wanted me to hold her so she could sleep.

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