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January 10th, 2020

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Tonight my mom and I went to pick up Livvie and had some really good conversations about her childhood and what it was like at home with her siblings.

Once we got Livvie, we went over to Chick Fil A while we waited for my dad to come back from dropping off Grace at Parkour.

I had brought her panda that she fell in love with as a Christmas present from me this year, and she wanted to take it inside to play with and go down the slide.

Once we got home, she saw her Troll Movie painting stuff and said she wanted to paint. This sparked her interest in wanting to watch the movie while painting. So she looked up and asked Google to turn on the TV….

I was so proud of my little tech princess… learning how to use Google Assistant do interact with the house…. And when I ask it to do something without adding please to the end… she reminds me. So proud of my polite tech princess.

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