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Day 1,100: Another Jump

Posted on Mar 5, 2019 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

For the last few trips, we have seen Livvie make big strides in some avenue developmentally. This time we saw her pretend play shoot up and do such a great job where we bought so many of those little figure toys because she loves to introduce them to each other.

It also usually brings about new areas to look into, such as we saw an auditory sensitivity for the first time along with a light sensitivity. They were minor for Livvie and not anxiety prone or large behaviors, but it is a simple reminder that her brain works differently and responds differently to certain inputs. Today’s picture of her turning off the lights is cute, and sometimes it is a game for her, but not always and she is not communicating her reason for turning off the lights. She just does it herself, and we have to wonder why. A few days ago, when I was changing her in the airport bathroom, she said “turn off lights, it hurts”, presumably because she couldn’t turn the lights off herself and she chose to communicate why she wants them off. However this has not happened since, and hopefully she can work on communicating what is bothering her so we can help her.

We love her talents and her ability to memorize things audibly and visually. She will always be our special princess, and continues to light up the world around her.

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