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Day 1,092: Adventure is Out There

Posted on Feb 26, 2019 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

Today we went to the Animal Kingdom where we met Chip and Dale dressed as dinosaurs, Scrooge McDuck, and Donald. Livvie was not comfortable to get out of her stroller, but the cast members put in their efforts.

We went on the animal safari where Livvie was most excited to see to moo moos, this is a throw back to her first trip when she was talking and did describe the watousi cattle as moo moos.

After lunch we went to see the bird show led by Russel and Doug. Livvie had a great time and thoughts the chickens running were very funny.

It started to rain so we decided to head out of the park back to the room. On the way back, Amy wanted donuts so we stopped by Dunkin Donuts. They completely messed up our order and so Amy and I were discussing the ones that we liked, and we both decided the one we didn’t want was the blueberry one. That one could be Livvie’s, well even she didn’t like it.

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