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Day 1,073: Packing Up for Kessel’s

Posted on Feb 6, 2019 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

Livvie has therapy in the morning with Tanya, but no afternoon session since they are still mid transition to a new therapist.

Once I came home, I was having Livvie pack up whatever she wanted to bring over to the Kessel’s for babysitting time. She was so excited so pack up her pretend cupcake, doughnut, and can of pineapples to take over. She grabbed her TsumTsum Purse, backpack, Rapunzel shoes and she was ready. Klip klopping, down the street, she was excited to go over there.

Amy and I watched Good Morning Vietnam while Livvie was over there.

Livvie had the biggest smile on her face when I picked her up.

Pixel did not like his bath

This was followed by a challenging shower time. She had a bad behavior towards washing hair, and then “needed break” to herself before getting out, then ultimately had a meltdown getting out of the shower. Then she had a meltdown because she did not want to get into the pajamas she choose only to find out through process of elimination that her would not express that she wanted dinosaur pajamas instead of the buzz light year ones she originally picked. Then the battle was on flossing, brushing and getting ready to say good night to Amy.

We love her, sometimes she just has those nights.

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