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Day 1,069: Aquarium Alternative

Posted on Feb 2, 2019 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

Livvies therapist cancelled her session and it was a bye week for the Farmers Market, so we had a free Saturday morning. As weird as that sounds, there were several paths we were considering until we saw it was going to rain. This kicked out Disneyland and Cars and Coffee.

Our next idea was to go to the aquarium, and we even started out that way. We got only a few miles down before I was hesitant and driving that distance in the wind and rain. To still make an outing, I headed to my parents house. While Livvie played with them, I figured I could help go thru some things in their garage.

Livvie enjoyed planting seeds with my dad, playing hockey, and playing with cars on a road playmat.

We headed to Target on the way home before picking up Thai food for dinner.

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