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Day 1,062: Princess Heels

Posted on Jan 26, 2019 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

Today was such a busy but fun day. We started off with the farmers market followed by therapy at the house.

Livvie had a fun time with Diana, and went thru her normal cycle of kitchen, duplo, pretend play, sand, play dough etc.

We had a little break after before nap time where she wanted to watch Mr Rogers Neighborhood, specifically where he goes to the zoo to see a panda.

She went down for a nap and I worked on organizing the spare bedroom… even though I probably should have taken a nap.

After nap time, we went to the Spectrum, all three of us. Livvie did pretty well, and got excited to see all the Disney items at Box Linch store. She even surprised us by grabbing something and saying “buy this”, only shorty after followed by “need to buy this”.. This girl ?

We got home and cuddled on the couch watching Monsters University, before finishing the night with Mr Rogers Neighborhood again about the panda.

Livvies language blew us away today. She is putting together so many sentences about what she is watching. “Randall’s coming” or doing a cute little growl when a tiger comes on screen. Even when we are working on going to the bathroom, she “looks for Monsters” and then I ask her about how many she found, what color they were and whether they are scary of funny Monsters.

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