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Day 1,048: Daddy Bear Cuddes

Posted on Jan 12, 2019 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

It was weird that we had such a quiet schedule today, but we had cancelled ABA because Livvie was still not 100% herself. It was also raining so that impacted farmers market trip.

We ended up going to Sprouts together with Lisa. That was our only excursion for the day as Livvie was really only wanting to lay down and watch either Big Hero 6 or Incredibles 2 all day. She seemed to get very disturbed when I had to get up from the bed or if she just felt anxiety even when I was in the room but not holding her.

Livvie did have about 20 minutes where did want to play with Duplo. It was very cute to watch as she setup Minnie and Mickey next to each other and then wanted Donald to take the picture. She set that idea up all by herself,

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