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Day 1,040: First Dentist Trip

Posted on Jan 4, 2019 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning Livvie had therapy at the house before a lunchtime trip to the dentist.

The office looked like so much fun, with lots of toys, movies playing, games. Etc. it was a very quick examination and Livvie had to sit on my lap the entire time, but she didn’t fight it at all.

Not really a big surprise to me was that Livvie will need braces because of her thumb sucking. They said that in really it has to stop before the age of two to reduce that chance. She said most kids do not seem to grasp the importance of stopping until around four, and even then her therapists are not concerned because it is her way of self soothing.

Livvie did not go down for a nap, so nighttime therapy was quite a challenge for her. She was very attached to me and had a hard time vocalizing her needs.

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