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Day 1,038 Car Trouble

Posted on Jan 2, 2019 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

Although this might sound like a Mickey Mouse short, my car would not start this morning, battery completely dead. I ended up taking Amy’s car to work today because I would not wait for it to start. This impacted her ability to go to the gym, so unfortunately that did not work into her schedule as planned.

Amy texted me at work and said that Livvie found “my cookies”, but in reality they were Amy’s cookies she left by the bed.

The drama from this mornings therapy session was that Livvie locked herself in the downstairs bathroom. This was understandably scary for Amy.

After lunch, Livvie enjoyed watching Big Hero 6 with her little figures next to her on the couch. She matches her little figures to the scenes in the movie.

Once I got home, I called AAA to get them to look at the civic. Livvie waited with me as they replaced the battery, and she spent some of the time sitting in the car pretending to drive.

Livvie is doing a lot more pretend play which is great for her and fun to see. She was handling us noodles, donuts, and fish tacos from her pretend kitchen stuff.

Just before Amy took a bath, Livvie was having fun chasing Pixel with her big purple ball. Meanwhile he was afraid of it, and she then decided to play the lights off game in the closet.

We took a trip to Lowe’s to but replacement door handles that do not lock, and Livvie was so excited to pull the shopping basket for me. She was a very good helper.

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