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Day 618: Puzzle Master

Posted on Nov 8, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning started very early for me as I was carpet cleaning at 4AM. I gave the dogs a bath with me in the shower and we cuddled in bed before I had to get ready for work.

Livvie had a makeup therapy session for Friday as it is observed Veterans Day. Once I got home, we headed out to pick up Cars 3 as it came out this week. We stopped to help two women who clearly were not familiar with the stroller they had as they were unsure about how to fold it and collapse it before going in the trunk. I tried to have Livvie be held by one of the women, and Livvie was not up for that. She stood by and held on to my leg while I collapsed their stroller.

We had dinner, and Livvie and I played downstairs. I pulled out some older toys to see how she would do with them and I was amazed at how a few weeks/could make a difference in how she interacts with things. She was able to quickly get the concept of puzzle pieces having their own place. The biggest surprise was when she grabbed the car puzzle piece and started pretending to make it drive across the carpet.

As we had our crawling race up the stairs, I made extra effort to intentionally stop and take a moment to look at Livvie’s smile and replay the sound of her giggling. Trying to burn that image in my memory forever. She will not do that with me forever.

Livvie amazes me all the time with what she is learning and picking up from the world around us.

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