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Day 588: Canyon Fire 2

Posted on Oct 9, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This day was quite different as a fire broke out in Anaheim Hills. I could see the ash and smell the smoke from my office. They ended up letting us go at 1pm today so everyone could get home to family and be safe.

Livvie had dance class with Amy this morning and Amy said Livvie wanted to be held most of the time.

Since I was home early, I got some things done around the house while Livvie was still sleeping.

After she woke up, we got ready to head to the Apple store as Amy’s watch needed to be replaced. Livvie did not want to walk much at south coast, but she did do well walking at the Spectrum after. We saw an 8m old boy with his dad in the grassy area. He was trying to motivate him to crawl with the ball. Livvie was sweet in trying to grab the ball and give it to him.

After Livvie went to sleep, I was watching the status of the fire as it moved throughout the day, and curious to see what happens overnight.

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