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Day 584: I Want To Touch This

Posted on Oct 5, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning was another bad morning for my routine. I scrambled trying to her day care bag ready and out the door. She seemed half awake when we got there.

I had pretty good day at work, and am feeling driven to try and get back on top of my routine before we head out for our trip next week.

Today at school, the teachers said Livvie would bring them books and she would want them to read it to her. One of them said they heard her say ‘All Done’ after breakfast. Usually we just see her do the sign language for it.

We came home and quickly headed out to Toy R Us to look for a few things before going to the Spectrum on the way back. As we get close to the door of Pressed Juicery, Livvie gets excited, and today I decided to try and capture that on video for Amy.

Livvie has also wanted to press the button on the trunk of the car to close it, so I let her do it each time now. This is always immediately followed by her wanting to touch the Apple logo decals we have on the back of the car.

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