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Day 571: End of Summer

Posted on Sep 22, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning Livvie got to spend time with the dogs inside. Livvie gets very jealous of attention the dogs get from Amy, and she storms over there to cuddle. After a little cuddles, she runs off and goes to play. When MB or GB come over to Amy….. Livvie wastes no time in booking it back to Amy’s shoulder. Livvie likes to sit on the tea party mat in the back room, she will often take her toys or milk back over there and sit down.

Amy was on standby to wait for a speech therapist spot to open up for Livvie. Originally it was for 11AM which would have worked out great, however they called and pushed it back to Noon. This meant that by the time they got back to the house it was past 1PM and my dad came over. Livvie was tired and fussy but not enough to take a nap.  She did not take a nap until right before I left work to head home. His meant by the time I got home, she was asleep and I got some time to relax before she woke up.

We headed off to our normal Friday night errands and Livvie really likes some of the large Halloween decorations she sees at Target. She likes the little pumpkin/light decorations, and the ghost/spider decorations.  Usually, I like to give her something in the cart to distract her. At Target today, it was a pumpkin followed by a ball, and then it was a food container of quinoa at Whole Foods.

You can tell Summer is over by the shorter days and it starting to get nippy out at night. I loved the long days of sunlight because it meant more time with Livvie after work. It is incredible how we are back to the fall/winter holidays already. With our trip coming up in less than three weeks, and then coming back very soon before Halloween, it is going to go by so quickly. Amy and I are really looking forward to Christmas this year with Livvie as she will have such a great time opening presents. The hard part will be the self control on what we buy her….

Livvie… We love to spoil you


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