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Day 569: Our Little Woman

Posted on Sep 20, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning Livvie got to run around with the dogs as they got a shower with me in the morning.

Livvie was not feeling so well, with a runny nose and general tiredness. Amy thought it was best Livvie reschedule her therapy appointments for this afternoon to a later time.

My dad came over for lunch and Livvie took a long, three hour nap. By the time I got home she was awake, and time to eat. I asked Livvie what we do when we want the dogs to go outside. She walked over, grabbed the cover for the dog door and tried to hold it in position; I took over from there.

Livvie ate a little bit of what we wanted to, but mostly still picky about her food. We headed off to the Spectrum where Livvie was okay enough to walk around with the other kids by the ferris wheel. She likes to just stand there sometimes with the craziness of kids running around her.

I find it fascinating to see the mixed reactions of how other kids (of different ages) react to Livvie in general, and then two particular contexts 1) where Livvie wants something of theirs, and 2) where they want something of hers, or 3) where they want to share something with her. Mostly, other kids have a positive reaction to her as Livvie is usually smiling at them. When Livvie wants something of there’s, I quickly step in and redirect her, or watch to see how the other kid reacts and then position Livvie that they are letting us see it and to give it back nicely. When other kids want something of hers, I step in right away and make sure they do not just run off with it because other parents are not right there. Tonight, we saw context three where these kids were playing with a frisbee and one of them took it and wanted to share it with Livvie. It was very nice of him, and so I had Livvie hold it for a short bit and then hand it back before she inevitably would have walked away.

While at Target, Livvie like seeing the giant inflatable Halloween decorations.  We ended up getting a Jack Skellington for the house.

Once we got to the juice place, one of the workers described Livvie as “looking like a little woman”, commenting on how well put together she looked with her outfit, sweater, and shoes. Amy gets all the credit for stylist points.

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