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Day 568: Sick

Posted on Sep 19, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning did not start off well with both Amy and I having the chills last night and feeling very sore all over. It was hard for me to wake up as I did not sleep well.

Drop off at school went fine, and she had no problem with me leaving.

Amy went to the spa together with her mom.

When I picked Livvie up from school they were having an “open house” but the timing does not work out well to stay for it.

Once we got home, we could see that Livvie was clearly sick, runny nose, warm, and irritated. Given what Livvie has shown me in the last few days of her ability to comprehend what we say and respond to tasks, I pushed the envelope of what she might be able to do, asking her to identify an object on a block and pick it out for me. She was able to do several of them, such as flower, bird, etc. She did not know airplane, which made me think that most books she loves to read are animals or basic shape color books. I am sure she can learn more words if we got her different types of word books.

She also tried saying the word “more” while signing it today. It was pretty clear and we heard it about twice before she stopped.

Every day we learn more about what she is thinking and comprehending from us.

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