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Day 567: Learning Machine

Posted on Sep 18, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning Livvie had her first dance class with Amy and Livvie seemed to like it. It was less “Dance” than Amy was expecting, but these are two year olds, so I was not sure what to expect either. Livvie had a therapy session after they got home, and that apparently did not go over well.

We could see the signals that Livvie was sick, warm, runny nose, cough, etc.

When I got home, we all played for a little bit, before I made dinner. Livvie was stubborn at eating which is another signal of unhappiness.

We went to Target to look for some craft ideas for livvie including chalk, popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners.

After her bath, I was coming downstairs when I said “Hi Dory” and Livvie tried to say “hi” and waved. We got her to say “hi” one more time around Amy. We will be curious to see what we can do to help her expressive language skills from the speech therapist. Livvie was showing Amy her new stuffed flamingo we got from Target. The funny part was when we threw Dory and the flamingo in different directions and she did not know which way to go. She looked at both several times, then clearly struggling with the decision sat down in the middle of them on the floor and started to put her face down in the carpet to meet down.

Today Livvie amazed me in several ways. I have seen the little “gears” inside her head working, and now they have shown the fruits of that labor. Livvie has been absorbing so much from us in everyday life, and we don’t even think about it.  While walking at target, in just a random housewares aisle, Livvie notices from about 15 feet away, there is a 2″ picture of a dog on a carpet cleaner box. It is amazing that she picks of those details from a far distance.  The biggest surprise of the day for me was when I told the dogs to go outside and Livvie grabbed their dog door (that keeps it shut) and was trying to put it in the slot. She knows what happens when I say “outside” to the dogs, that I grab the door and slide it in. I was already amazed that she picked that up because I never showed her to do that specifically. Then I thought, okay what else could livvie do for us… I asked her to turn on the kitche lights (because she can reach the switch), and she walked over and turned them on!  She struggled a little to turn them off, but it only took her two times to learn which button (of the four) turn the light off before she did it on her own.

We are so proud of all the things she does that bring a smile to our day and a warmth to our hearts.

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