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Day 557: You Walk The Dog!

Posted on Sep 8, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning I have the dogs a bath so they could be inside with Livvie. Livvie was reading her animal book with Amy when she pointed to a picture of a dog, then Amy said “Dog” and then Livvie responded by pointing to Megabyte. She is building those associations. Livvie does now struggle with sharing attention as Amy was giving Megabyte attention and Livvie would come over jealous and want to snuggle.

My dad came over with lunch and they headed over to the park together. She liked watching a group of guys play basketball and dancing to the music they had playing in the background.

After that, she had therapy where they went for a walk and brought her balloon dog. At one point Livvie handed the balloon dog to Amy started walking back over to the house.

She took a nap after that until right before I got home. Amy commented on how Livvie always has her nap position vs night time sleeping position. Her ankles cross in the afternoon with her butt up and at night she is flat and sprawled out.

Amy tried to feed her pasta, but she pushed it away. I was able to get her to eat the pasta, but Amy just coincidentally switched roles. Last night I could not get her to eat spinach but Amy could this morning.

We headed out for our regular errands, this time going to Irvine Spectrum versus the district. The Irvine Spectrum does have a bigger food section and an added benefit of occasionally people with dogs which is great for Livvie. The flip side is that the closest Whole Foods is the smaller one just south of the Spectrum.

Once we got home, it was dinner time and bath before bed.

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