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Day 554: Daddy’s Car Trouble

Posted on Sep 5, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning was difficult for me to get back into my normal morning routine. I overslept, then laid in bed for a bit before getting ready. We made it to school only a minute or two later than normal, but I also did not do her hair before. If I am going to do her hair in the morning, I need to add an extra ten minutes at least. The drop off went well, and I am learning how to get her acclimated quicker. I sat her down in front of stacking cups, built a tower and then let her knock it down. It gets her to laugh, and eases into staying there.

Work was busy coming back from the long weekend, but I was getting ready to run an errand at lunch but quickly that turned into spending an hour waiting for two tow trucks and an eventual $840 car repair. Ultimately my dad picked Livvie up from school as I would not have made it back on time after picking the car up.

Livvie was quite the fussy one tonight, and would not eat her dinner. Right now the two things we can count on her eating are veggie cakes and bananas. She was in bed by 8:15 and went right to sleep, cleary she was tired and I was ready to get my night started too as I had a longer than normal day.

After Livvie went to bed, I started putting out the Halloween decorations.

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