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Day 550: That Strawberry Girl

Posted on Sep 1, 2017 by in The Daily Download | 0 comments

This morning, my dad came by for lunch with Livvie. I got off work at 2PM Monday is Labor Day, so I was able to come home early. Livvie and I had snack time and played downstairs for a little bit before heading over to Kessel’s. Neil had asked for some computer help, so the girls watched Livvie while we were upstairs. Livvie was pointing to a lot of things and showing off how she tries to say what she sees. Then there was the point where Livvie walked over and sat on the dog bed next to their dog Rusty. Gigabyte and Megabyte can not sit still long enough to do that, so it was cute to see her want to sit next to Rusty and pet him.

Afterwards we headed out to do our weekend errands and while we were at Whole Foods, I let Livvie hold some of the vegetables so she could learn about them. It is first hand observation and good for her to see them up close. She liked holding the red bell pepper. She has a laser focus on strawberries and so she tried to say strawberries while walking through the produce section. At the checkout, the cashier noticed her and said, you are the strawberry girl. Not a bad thing to be known for. Livvie started to fall asleep in the car on the way home. She better rest up for tomorrow’s trip to Sea World.

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