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Week 3: The Fussy Beast

Posted on Mar 22, 2016 by in Weekly Recaps | 0 comments

This was a busy week for the Schweppe household. Livvie and I both had our own doctor appointments this week. My appointment with Dr. Lee went extremely well with our check up after my C-section. It was the first time I got to see my lovely new scar and it honestly wasn’t as noticeable as I thought it would have been. Even the nurse was impressed with how it turned out. When Dr. Lee came into the room I once again had to express my thankfulness on her delivering our baby which was her night off. She did such a fantastic job and I think I am really going to miss my appointments with her since my next one will be my last one. It is a crazy idea you can bond with an OB in a few months but I am very blessed and thankful to have had her be the doctor to get me through this pregnancy and delivery. I did express to her the lack of feeling I have around my stomach and she did inform me it should take a year for feeling to come back and sometimes it wont fully come back. I will admit that it is emotionally difficult when I touch my stomach and the feeling doesn’t feel the same. I can feel the skin on my fingers but my stomach cannot feel my fingers. Obviously, it was all worth it but it doesn’t mean it’s an easy thing to take in at the moment.


Livvie’s appointment went amazing since the doctor loved seeing the progress she has made in the short amount of time. Again, she raved about how cute her cries are compared to some babies she hears. Grant and I wonder how can a baby have a cute cry but I guess since it’s her profession she hears a ton of cries 24/7. Livvie also decided she would have accident after accident during her appointment and we would have to change her diaper and outfit over and over and over again. Luckily, I packed enough outfits for the appointment but now I want to pack extra clothes on top of that in the car for the extra “what if” situation. I was extremely proud of the progress Livvie made with her growth and weight gain. It made me feel I was doing a great job as a new mother to our little girl.


Livvie has a stockpile of nick names she has gotten from us. Some of them are: Gummy Bear, Little Nugget, Livvie Bug, Chomper, Sucker Fish, Banshee, Spit Up Princess and a few more I am forgetting at the moment. This is the week where Livvie received her newest nick name which is “Little Beast”. Sometimes I feel a bit like Maleficent in the live action movie and Livvie would be Aurora. I sometimes feel she is like my little beast when she gets extremely fussy. She has had a major problem with spitting up. Yes, we do try and burp her, pedal her legs, sitting her up and everything else our pediatrician suggested but nothing seems to work consistently. I know that it’s suggested that you nurse the baby 10-15 minutes on one side and swap them over and let them nurse as long as they would like to on the other side. Livvie must be a fast eater because she averages around 5 minutes total of nursing. Grant has shown me with our baby scale at home that she is gaining weight so I shouldn’t worry about how much time it takes her to eat but now I am seeing that because she is eating so quickly this may be causing her to spit up after her feedings. Her doctor didn’t seem concerned so we end up changing Livvie a couple times a day. I jokingly tell her she has more costume changes than Taylor Swift on tour. Maybe she’s thinking of a new career path already?


We also found that Livvie’s small size hasn’t been super friendly since we didn’t plan on her being so tiny. Finding an Easter dress for a new born feels impossible. We have searched online and in stores for a dress that would fit her. We even went to South Coast Plaza and searched around the baby stores but anything outside of the Carter’s brand was too big for our little girl. Luckily, my mom and our dear friend Missi each found an outfit that could work for Easter. Since she is our little Spit Up Princess I am sure she’ll have a few costume changes in that short amount of time.


This week we gave Livvie her first pacifier. I am not extremely big on the item itself but seeing that Livvie is becoming a strong finger/thumb sucker and hearing from the doctors and nurses that a pacifier can help prevent SIDS from happening Grant and I decided we would only give her a pacifier at night during her bedtime and possible nap time. At some point I want to get those chew beads and/or teethers for her to suck on but we will see if I can find something that works for us. I know some people are strongly against pacifiers and I respect their opinions but I am a safety/worrier so if it’s something that can help the safety of my child I am all for it so we are hoping she’ll take to a pacifier during her sleeping times to help reassure me a little more.


This week we are experiencing new wonderful and challenging things as new parents. Sometimes they can be a little difficult but we always find it worth every moment since we are just so in love with our little girl. Livvie really is the best blessing God has given us and we are so thankful each and every day. I can’t believe she is finally here with us. Each time I touch her foot or hands I think about how that little beauty was inside of me growing for months. I truly treasure this time and even cry sometimes when I think about how lucky we are to be her parents.




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